roof damage

What to do if your roof is damaged?

When there is a damaged roof you may immediately enter panic mode. It’s natural to think that a damaged roof will be the end of the world. That’s normal to react that way, but it doesn’t have to be a big issue to get a replacement roof. Keeping an eye out for potential damages Some […]

development finance

The main things to know about development finance

When developing property all developers must think of the financial element of it. How will it be funded? What financial loans, grants and schemes are I eligible for? Where should I get my development finance from? Why should I use a specialist provider rather than a traditional bank? Are development finance services short-term or long-term? […]


The Ultimate Ways To Unwind At Home

Unwind At Home* There are many things which we all like to be able to get from home. One of the biggest is the ability to truly unwind and relax. This is something which is not only enjoyable but actually essential for better living and for keeping your health in the best possible state. However, […]


Top Tips for Millennial Renting in London

Millennial Renting In the UK, there seems to be a real lifestyle shift with young people or millennials if you are aged between 22 and 37, being a part of Generation Rent. Whether you choose to rent so that you can travel more and live with flexibility, or whether it’s because you just cannot get on the […]